One second to tell the story of a lifetime

I began this project in an effort to help me direct films. The irony is that these little films have helped direct my life.

Highlights: curling, Punta Mita, whale watching, Orlando, conferences, and snowboarding in Killington

Highlights: Amsterdam, Brussels, Cologne, Paris, New York, U&2TR, nieces & nephews, dancing, Kick Axe, and Hanabi

Highlights: Christmas parties, dating, Edinburgh, snowboarding in the Alps, Courmayeur, Geneva, and Amsterdam

Highlights: conferences, filmmaking, friendsgiving, shows, upstate cabin, botanical gardens, Pixel 2, and Daybreaker

Highlights: new laptop, Palm Beach, So Far Sounds, Bermuda, sailing, cliff jumping, dating, and work travel

Highlights: Adirondacks, Spacious, Washington D.C., photography, music, Chicago, and artist dates

2017 in 365 Seconds

2016 in 366 Seconds

2015 in 365 Seconds

2014 in 365 Seconds