One second to tell the story of a lifetime

I began this project in an effort to help me direct films. The irony is that these little films have helped direct my life.

Highlights: Center for Fiction, adventure dates, Hamptons, floating, outdoor films, baseball games, Disneywork, Action Park, and gatherings

Highlights: New Zealand, snowboarding, surfing, bungy jumping, Napali Coast, nieces, archery tag, and beach party I had 32 days in July thanks to traveling across the International Date Line, thus 32 seconds this month.

Highlights: Outdoorfest, Disney, New Orleans, Upstate cabin, Pittsburgh, Hawaii, and water sports

Highlights: dodgeball, adulting, archiving, carpentry, feast of thrones, Point Pleasant, and house concert

Highlights: Reykjavík, photo shoots, birthday, poetry, adulting, parties, Holi, and underwater spin class

Highlights: archiving, terrain park, crowdsurfing, ice cream, Iceland, Northern Lights, and Wow Air

Highlights: work travel, archives, letters, snowboarding, Killington, Houston, Greenville, W, exploring, and friends

Highlights: Multnomah Falls, sister time, skateboarding, curling, new glasses, GoPro, skiing, and snowmobiles

Highlights: Christmas bonfire, holiday lights, Greensboro, house concert, performers, Whistler, Vancouver, and Portland

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