I occupied more of myself in 2018, leaning in to my desires and interests. In many ways I replaced analysis with action, and gradually I accomplished more and worried less. I stood up for myself, and I stood by myself, often times alone but never lonely. Yet, alongside that was a deepening of friendships. I felt more awake and aware of myself and others. I established new rhythms that facilitated growth and community which made me realize this is exactly the sort of life I want to be living.


2018 in 365 Seconds

Month by month

Highlights: Amsterdam, Brussels, Cologne, Paris, New York, U&2TR, nieces & nephews, dancing, Kick Axe, and Hanabi

Highlights: curling, Punta Mita, whale watching, Orlando, conferences, and snowboarding in Killington

Highlights: paintball, snow day, illustration, escape room, Gaylord National, Dashboard Confessional, and Downton.

Highlights: studio setup, birthdays, Sleep No More, Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament, Gaylord's 10 Anniversary, farewell Nikhil, pottery class, and paintball

Highlights: carpentry, Disneyland, Holi, rooftops, Heidi, Point Pleasant, and dancing

Highlights: Governor’s Ball, Chattanooga, kayaking, dating, woodworking, 5000 miles, SoCal, Denver, Bear Mountain, and being outside

Highlights: Fourth in the city, daytime dance parties, dating, Formula E, playful sports, and moving forward

Highlights: polo match, surfing, outdoor films, Mary Jane, volleyball, Houston, D.C., and DisneyWorld.

Highlights: Jersey shore, work travel, family time, Outdoorfest Upstate, Alex Honnold, Maker Faire, new camera, Austin, and W.

Highlights: Austin, cinematography class, triathlon, house parties, family dinners, fall nonsense, rowing, and Bob Ross

Highlights: Film class, NYC marathon, talking heads, friendsgiving, hospitality, Macy's parade, and rocking out

Highlights: Christmas bonfire, holiday lights, Greenville, house concert, performers, Whistler, Vancouver, and Portland