2015 Month by Month


The word "unravelled" comes to mind when I think of 2015. It was the hardest year of my life, but honestly I wouldn't change it because it changed me. As I felt my marriage collapse underneath me I realized I can't control someone else's actions, but I can choose my reactions. I learned to let go, to admit my mistakes, to trust my gut, to face my feelings, and to find gratitude in every situation.


Highlights: New Years, birthday parties, and snow sports in Vail.

Highlights: Winter scenes, Miami Beach, Tony Romo, Baltimore, Daily Life

Highlights: Shared meals, concert, New York City life

Highlights: NYSE, Pillow Fight, Disney shoot, Story Seminar, Washington DC, hiking Redwood

Highlights: hiking Redwood, coworking, WWII planes, picnic, Memorial Day, NYC visitors

Highlights: Florida, Belmont Stakes, Brooklyn, Nashville, Sea Island, and Savannah.

Highlights: Hiking, America's birthday, visiting family in Indianapolis, ice hockey, sailing, and Finding Neverland.

Highlights: Coney Island, kayaking, new friends, Houston, golfing, surfing, and drum circle-ing.

Highlights: Bonfire, kayaking, slack lining, CitiBiking, 9-11 Tribute lights, Mappy Hour, conferences, and hard conversations.

Highlights: birthday party in Philly, The Martian, closure, Atlanta, wedding on Brooklyn Bridge, Washington D.C., Napa Valley, Frank Abagnale Jr., Berkeley

Highlights: Tilden Park, GPhA, Grief, Midwest, Friendsgiving, Knitting

Highlights: video games, baby nephew, Charlie Brown, Christmas concerts, Bear Mountain, gifts, and family