The word "unravelled" comes to mind when I think of 2015. It was the hardest year of my life, but honestly I wouldn't change it because it changed me. As I felt my marriage collapse underneath me I realized I can't control someone else's actions, but I can choose my reactions. I learned to let go, to admit my mistakes, to trust my gut, to face my feelings, and to find gratitude in every situation.


2015 in 365 Seconds

month by month

Highlights: New Years, birthday parties, and snow sports in Vail.

Highlights: Winter scenes, Miami Beach, Tony Romo, Baltimore, Daily Life

Highlights: Shared meals, concert, New York City life

Highlights: NYSE, Pillow Fight, Disney shoot, Story Seminar, Washington DC, hiking Redwood

Highlights: hiking Redwood, coworking, WWII planes, picnic, Memorial Day, NYC visitors

Highlights: Florida, Belmont Stakes, Brooklyn, Nashville, Sea Island, and Savannah.

Highlights: Hiking, America's birthday, visiting family in Indianapolis, ice hockey, sailing, and Finding Neverland.

Highlights: Coney Island, kayaking, new friends, Houston, golfing, surfing, and drum circle-ing.

Highlights: Bonfire, kayaking, slack lining, CitiBiking, 9-11 Tribute lights, Mappy Hour, conferences, and hard conversations.

Highlights: birthday party in Philly, The Martian, closure, Atlanta, wedding on Brooklyn Bridge, Washington D.C., Napa Valley, Frank Abagnale Jr., Berkeley

Highlights: Tilden Park, GPhA, Grief, Midwest, Friendsgiving, Knitting

Highlights: video games, baby nephew, Charlie Brown, Christmas concerts, Bear Mountain, gifts, and family