Perhaps more than any other year 2016 was all about who I am becoming. Tears of grief watered the soil to produce new life. My identity as a husband no longer fit. My circle of friends was almost entirely re-written. I learned new things, explored foreign countries, and flirted with the frailty of life. Toward the end I finally started making films and doing things I had previously only dreamt about.


2016 in 366 Seconds

month by month

Highlights: introspection, trapeze class, parties, St. Kitts and Nevis, diving, hiking, flyboarding, and transitioning.

Highlights: Super Bowl, Houston, Rudy Giuliani, Hamilton, making new friends, Orlando, snowboarding, and jury duty.

Highlights: Moving on, brother's birthday, Mount Vernon, Shenandoah dude's trip, Williamsburg friends, Washington DC, and parties.

Highlights: New friends in NYC, birthday, sick day, Passover, and Adirondacks

Highlights: Five Boro Bike Tour, religious artifacts, Yankees game, outdoor bouldering, cocktail receptions, Boston, and the Indy 500

Highlights: coworking, Outdoorfest, camping, Orlando, FL; Park City, UT; and Beacon, NY.

Highlights: home, outdoors, carnival, rock climbing, glamping, teaching, movies, and lots of friends.

Highlights: live music, weekend trips with friends, Houston, burning the past, dating, outdoor recreation, and roller coasters

Highlights: hiking, swimming, climbing, biking, being the fun uncle, hospital stay, dancing, and Cuba.

Highlights: signatures, filmmaking, church retreat, fall nonsense, shuffleboard, cigars, NCC reunion

Highlights: Balancing, live music, filmmaking, cooking, new season, archery, dating, Friendsgiving, Gary's visit, and film screenings.

Highlights: Iceland, Blue Lagoon, procrastinating, Christmas parties, film editing, portraits, family, dates, movies, and New Years Eve