2017 Month by Month


It only took me 32 years to begin understanding my sense of value and self worth, but at last I turned a corner this year. I met and dated more people than I ever have before, trading depth for variety within my social circles. My actions and goals were frequently evaluated and updated. I chose to focus on the things that make this season unique, and it made for one of the best years of my life so far.


Highlights: dating, sledding, film editing, check fraud, Park City, bobsledding, and human bowling

Highlights: Skiing, Heths visit, Upstate NY, winter nonsense, Killington, snowboarding, and community

Highlights: Reading, Upright Citizens Brigade, church, Punderdome, musical friends, The Moth, roller derby, and personal projects

Highlights: NY photo shoots, Teej film premiere, Passover, birthday, spring weather, Mets game, paintball, and high fives.

Highlights: Jane's Carousel, Holi Festival, Nothing More, blogging, filmmaking, Dude Long's wedding, social circles, and Ultimate Frisbee

Highlights: Friday Coffee Club, Outdoorfest, New York icons, Palm Beach, shuffleboard, and Coney Island

Highlights: flyfishing, hiking, artist dates, outdoor shows, blondes, and volleyball

Highlights: beaches, Audible, Houston, water games, Summer Streets, solar eclipse, Heths visit, and fun outdoors

Highlights: Adirondacks, Spacious, Washington D.C., photography, music, Chicago, and artist dates

Highlights: new laptop, Palm Beach, So Far Sounds, Bermuda, sailing, cliff jumping, dating, and work travel

Highlights: conferences, filmmaking, friendsgiving, shows, upstate cabin, botanical gardens, Pixel 2, and Daybreaker

Highlights: Christmas parties, dating, Edinburgh, snowboarding in the Alps, Courmayeur, Geneva, and Amsterdam