It only took me 32 years to begin understanding my sense of value and self worth, but at last I turned a corner this year. I met and dated more people than I ever have before, trading depth for variety within my social circles. My actions and goals were frequently evaluated and updated. I chose to focus on the things that make this season unique, and it made for one of the best years of my life so far.


2017 in 365 Seconds

month by month

Highlights: dating, sledding, film editing, check fraud, Park City, bobsledding, and human bowling

Highlights: Skiing, Heths visit, Upstate NY, winter nonsense, Killington, snowboarding, and community

Highlights: Reading, Upright Citizens Brigade, church, Punderdome, musical friends, The Moth, roller derby, and personal projects

Highlights: NY photo shoots, Teej film premiere, Passover, birthday, spring weather, Mets game, paintball, and high fives.

Highlights: Jane's Carousel, Holi Festival, Nothing More, blogging, filmmaking, Dude Long's wedding, social circles, and Ultimate Frisbee

Highlights: Friday Coffee Club, Outdoorfest, New York icons, Palm Beach, shuffleboard, and Coney Island

Highlights: flyfishing, hiking, artist dates, outdoor shows, blondes, and volleyball

Highlights: beaches, Audible, Houston, water games, Summer Streets, solar eclipse, Heths visit, and fun outdoors

Highlights: Adirondacks, Spacious, Washington D.C., photography, music, Chicago, and artist dates

Highlights: new laptop, Palm Beach, So Far Sounds, Bermuda, sailing, cliff jumping, dating, and work travel

Highlights: conferences, filmmaking, friendsgiving, shows, upstate cabin, botanical gardens, Pixel 2, and Daybreaker

Highlights: Christmas parties, dating, Edinburgh, snowboarding in the Alps, Courmayeur, Geneva, and Amsterdam