Maybe every year of growth feels extreme, but 2014 stands out in my mind as a time with very little middle ground. I got more stamps in my passport than in all of my previous travels combined. I made new friends in NYC and started to feel like I belong in the city I love. My savings account dried up, and I had to get creative around the first of each month. The summer was full of adventure and much-welcomed work. I got to shoot my biggest photography assignment to date. And my wife had an affair.


2014 in 365 Seconds

Month by month

Highlights: Lacey's birthday, Costa Rica, Nikhil's dance moves, and new desks

Highlights: Snow, creative photo shoots, Valentine's Day, Orlando, Trinity Grace Church

Highlights: puppysitting, Mom and Dad visit, New York City sights, Tiffany visits, various photo shoots

Highlights: my birthday, Passover Seder, community, warmer weather

Highlights: familiar faces, church retreat, fire, Tim-Tam slam

Highlights: summer begins, Washington D.C., North Carolina, perfect summer day, Cape Cod, Lancaster, Montreal, and Coney Island

Highlights: visiting family in DC, wedding in California, outdoor movies, live music, Lacey goes to London

Highlights: NYC Summer Streets, various outdoor events, Action Park, Jazz Age Lawn Party, rugby, house parties, Leviathan, hospitable friends

Highlights: Breakneck Ridge, Cape Town, shark diving, Durban, Johannesburg, London, New York City, Washington D.C., vacation photography

Highlights: NYC Firefighter training, Baltimore, editing photos from South Africa, fall activities

Highlights: fall fires, family cruise, Thanksgiving in New York

Highlights: writing, Christmas time, family, New Years Eve