“Your life is so exciting!” someone commented on one of my monthly films, followed by another, more self deprecating version, “I want to do this, but my life would look so boring.”

The truth is your life is as exciting or boring as you think it is. How you choose to view your life often dictates how you live it.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve had some amazing opportunities and a fairly unique lifestyle. Yet, I often have really boring, uneventful, and downright crappy days. What am I supposed to film on the days when I get out of the shower and immediately put my pajamas back on? Or the days where I haven’t eaten anything because I’ve been staring at my computer for the last eleven hours. Let’s not forget about sick days, travel delays, heartache, and Mondays. They're all a part of life, and the majority of it is ordinary, uneventful, and wouldn’t even get a Like on Instagram.

The trick is found not in seeking out excitement but in choosing to look for beauty and creativity in everything.

So even on the days when the alarm clock goes off too early, the cereal tastes stale, the emails are endless, and the trash still needs to be taken out we have a choice to see it all as part of a beautiful, exciting life; or we can view it as sequence of things that get in the way of a beautiful, exciting life.

Call it your attitude. Call it your perspective. Whatever it is, call on it daily. Your life, especially the mundane Tuesdays, will be richer for it.

An ordinary day in 60 moments.