Outdoorfest and One Second Films are teaming up to tell a story of adventure in New York City. We want to capture a one second scene from all 50+ events, but we're gonna need your help. While you're having the time of your life exploring the outdoors take a second to record your experience. There are no rules, but some guidelines may help:

  • Make it fun. Look for the action, or the reaction. What makes a good photo doesn't always make a good video.
  • Make it descriptive. Try to show what you're doing, who you're with, and where you are; all in a single second.
  • Make it short. Don't spend time staring at a camera. Capture one second, and then enjoy what you're doing.

After the event send us your scenes, and we'll take it from there.

*Note: an angel loses its wings every time someone records a video vertically.

**Deadline for submissions is June 20th.

Live in the city, love the outdoors.

Outdoorfest 2017//  New York City  //  June 2 - 12

One Second Films is a personal project by Stephen Elliot.

He is a photographer, adventurist, high fiver, and a big fan of Outdoorfest. He has been filming one-second scenes every day for over three years. Instead of google stalking him, just click the about page or check out one of his monthly films.